These paintings are based off of photos that my father       took. I started by looking through

old family albums and picked out

photos that evoked the sentiment

of the times.  In the not so distant

past, the 1970s and 1980s,

as children, we played outside

in the fresh air,

 went trick-or-treating down the street, rode bikes without a helmet, played board games like Monopoly and Uno, jumped rope, kickball, jacks, - we even invented games when there was nothing to do. We had the freedom to use our imaginations. There was a sense of unity and genuine interaction. This series was on display at the Harold Washington Library in 2018.

Learning to Dance

30x40" oil on canvas

Big Shoes To Fill

My Sister's (Gate)Keeper

24x36" oil on canvas

Grounds for Play

36x48" oil on canvas

Spoils of Trick-or-Treating

24x24" oil on canvas

Just Got Married!

30x40" oil on canvas

Make A Wish

Learning To Walk

24x30" oil on canvas

Young Viewfinders

30x40" oil on canvas


30x40" oil on canvas


30x40" oil on canvas

Lost In A Good Book

24x24" oil on canvas

Grown Folks Music

24x30" oil on canvas

Magic of the Morning

30x40" oil on canvas

Visions Of The Past

24x36" oil on canvas

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